Millennials are entering the workforce after years of schooling with new objectives in mind. If we take a look back to when Taragh Bracken first started working at her first law firm, she would burn the midnight oil whenever necessary just to get ahead even if she was an unpaid intern. Now, she has gained the reigns to lead her own firm at Taragh Bracken Law Firm, where she is allowed to take an extra week of vacation whenever she pleases… Simply, she can work from wherever she wishes while also taking care of her clients in Oshawa, Whitby and Toronto.

Nowadays, the tables have turned on what truly satisfies millennials in the workforce. They are challenging the status quo of what it means to be valued at work, and what value they hope to give back when they feel satisfied in such a way. It’s come a point where corporations large and small must be aware of the criteria that will prevent their employees from job-hopping, which only costs more for said company to re-train and hire a new individual.

Employer-Employee Values Must Be Matched

A work relationship is a two-way street for millennials. These newly-admitted individuals in the workforce have come to their senses about ethical, clean work practices in order to make a blossoming life of joy and success for themselves. As they are maturing, garnering their own salary to support themselves, and building a family for themselves, they place a lot of emphasis on working for the salary they believe they deserve. Bracken has seen multiple employers abuse younger employees who are fresh out of college by tasking them with a variety of jobs at a very low salary. This causes quick burnout, and the feeling that one is devalued by their current employer.

Millennials also want to feel as though their education is being valued via reimbursement plans. They hope for a college savings plan as they think about the future of their children.

Loyalty Is A Two-Way Street

Yes, many of these newfound employees do job-hop as they try to rank higher in their career via salary and job position. They strive for fresh, challenging beginnings and the ability to grow by acquiring new skills and being attentive to industry trends. What truly matters to these individuals is that they are respected and that their employer will fight for their happiness, when push comes to shove. That’s when the employer can expect reciprocated loyalty.