If you are getting a new dog, there are some things you’ll need around your home before they arrive. There are certain products that dog owners cannot do without, they’ll make your home safer and more comfortable for your new companion. If you are shopping for puppy supplies, it is advisable to make a list and tick off each item as you go along. Here are some things every new owner needs before their pup comes to stay.

Comfortable Bed

Getting the right bed is important when it comes to choosing the right puppy pet supplies for your dog. A young dog needs a nice, comfortable bed to relax and switch off at night. They’ll be overstimulated in their new home playing with kids and exploring their new environment. After all the fun, a pup will get tired and need some rest. When picking a doggy bed, make sure you get something sturdy and chew-proof. Here are some of the most popular products on the market:

  • Plastic beds
  • Oval beds
  • Waterproof beds
  • Fleece beds

A young puppy will probably be going everywhere with you, so make sure you purchase a good quality bed that can easily fit in your vehicle.


Giving a pup the right type of food is just as important as giving a child proper nutrition. If you don’t feed them with a variety of foods, they can get sick and struggle to develop. If you purchase premium brand dog food, you give your pup access to a better quality of ingredient. They’ll have plenty of protein and other essential macronutrients. If they’ve any issues with a specific brand, change it and find something that suits them.


A young pup needs lots and lots of attention, so you should stock up on toys to keep them entertained. Playing is an important part of their development, it provides them with mental stimulation which is essential for their well-being. Try to play with your canine on a regular basis to form a positive bond.

Dog Chews & Leads

You’ll need dog chews to help young pups who are teething, you don’t want them chewing on the furniture, so purchase dog chews to keep their teeth healthy and free of plaque. A good quality lead will help you when you bring them for a walk, if they are a powerful breed, you’ll need a durable product.

Dog Bowls

Your pup will need a bowl for water and one for food. A dog should always have access to water, especially during the warm summer months where heatstroke is an issue. Once you get your dog into a feeding routine, you’ll reduce the mess around each bowl.

Taking care of a young pup can be a challenge, but it is one of the best decisions you can make. Dogs are intelligent, loyal, loving companions who are great around the home, especially if you have children or older adults in your property. When getting a pup, you should also consider purchasing good pet insurance to ensure your dog has access to first-class medical treatment.