When guests visit you, the first thing they notice is the design of entry doors Toronto you have installed. These exterior doors are meant to welcome family members, friends and guests over, and also protect your homestead from potential intruders and bad weather. However, with time, they reach their lifespan and calls for replacements.

Buying new replacement exterior doors Toronto can be challenging. It becomes even more challenging when you visit home replacement store, and you cannot choose the right entry doors Toronto because of many options available. Don’t worry. Here we will show you how to decide on the best exterior window design for your home.

  1. Steel Entry Doors.

This is the first option that people choose when they start investigating the choices for new entry doors Toronto. Steel doors are very durable which gives them a plus when it comes to security.

It is with no doubt they are the strongest and safest door designs available in the market, especially when you compare them with wood.

They are also energy efficient doors. They consist of foam that offers insulation hence keeping the home more liveable.

Besides that, steel doors have a long lifespan since they are not prone to cracking and warping. However, to keep their look, you have to paint them regularly.

  1. Fiberglass Exterior Doors.

This is a suitable option for homeowners who want to enjoy both worlds of wood and steel. These doors offer both features of steel doors and wood. They are durable and have a unique aesthetic.

You will be surprised to note that even some entry doors Toronto manufacturers give a lifetime warranty on these doors. That shows how long-lasting they are.

And if you want something that is beautiful, this is what fiberglass doors offer. You can get the colour of your choice, and if you want the look of wood, you simply stain them. The staining offers infinite possibilities when it comes to choosing your design.

They are also energy efficient, and that helps maintain your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The doors are also resistant to wear and tear compared to other doors. This is a great plus since they remain looking new for a long time.

  1. Wooden Doors.

If you want to make a statement on your front porch, you may want to choose wooden exterior doors Toronto.

These windows can be designed and curved in any pattern that you like for true customization of your front door appearance.

However, these doors are not energy efficient compared to the other options. They are susceptive to warping and breaking, and this can allow air in your house easily. You may also need to paint them regularly to keep their look. Despite proper maintenance, wood can also break down especially when exposed to harsh weather.

Now, you know everything about each exterior doors Toronto. With the information you have, you can select the right design you need for your window replacement Toronto.