Are you passionate about traveling around the world?

Getting paid to travel the world seems overwhelming doesn’t it? Well, it’s not impossible; there are many jobs for professionals that give you the opportunity to travel the world and getting paid for it! The good news is that finding such jobs are easy to find, you’ll need to determine the field you prefer working in and explore the job positions which includes paid traveling duties and tasks.

There are plenty of jobs that give you the chance for business travel, and this comes with great benefits besides exploring new cultures, building an international network and boost up your incomes earning rates. Professional traveling jobs are not necessarily for high-skilled workers, some jobs are white-collar jobs which allow you to adjust and build your resume the way you actually like.

If you’re passionate about traveling around the world and still needs a financial support which actually pays for your travel journeys and also make you gain wide experiences, then you should consider one of these professional traveling jobs which allow you to explore the world:

  1. Travel Photographer or Writer

Freelance photography and writing jobs are massively available. This field is suitable for people who love either writing or photographing tasks, you can actually turn your passion into a traveling business career which can also pay you well. Travel publications and companies hire photographers and writers to publish travel content, like taking good photos of a specific place which this company gives services or sell supplies to or either writes articles about specific country culture or other related details. Traveling Photographers and writers must have the willingness to travel on relatively short notice; they need to be always ready for on-call duties travel tasks and journeys. This traveling job wouldn’t be accessible unless you’re a freelancer, you can’t get such positions if you’re attached by a full-time job and limited vacations limit, you need to be fully-available and committed to your freelance traveling job.

  • If you’re interested in this position, get started by writing about places you traveled to and pitch spectacular pieces. Send your written or photographed sample to recruiters and open related positions, if you’re really good in your field, then stay alert in receiving calls and offers from hiring managers.
  • These positions are usually announced and posted on huge online job websites platforms like Joblang carefully for such job openings and apply for these positions attaching some of great professional samples of you extraordinary skills in either writing or photographing.
  1. Tour Guide

Your guides need strong memory practice. Tour guides traveling jobs requires a little experience in places, countries and historical knowledge as well. Your role is to guide tourist to the most magnificent historical and popular locations in a specific country or regions. Some tour guides would be great professionals in guiding through their own city and country, other would massively superior this position by having a great knowledge in other country’s as if it was their own, they would own great information and knowledge in historical and public sectors. If you have this glimpse of passion on showing people around a certain city and be the person who is widely knowledgeable, then start by practicing on your friends by showing them around and read more information about every popular historical site or people related to the country’s culture.

  • Tour guide position is flexible and operated through short weekly hours. Tourists companies and agencies would have scheduled hours for tours and sites. If you enroll this position, you’ll be called upon schedules hours throughout the day.
  • Is you want to turn your passionate about sightseeing and historical locations , go through Joblang which offers a variety of tour guide job positions in different agencies.
  1. International Journalist

Getting news about what’s happening overseas is always in demand, even if the publishing industry is getting increasable digital. Getting official news needs to be trusted and original from solid sources on the ground. Publication with national and international coverage is prestigious and competitive, which makes it a little bit more challenging among other entry-level jobs. This job position is suitable for those who enjoy writing and editorial tasks alongside being committed and ready to travel the world whenever your job requires that.

  • Journalists career can make you make decent earnings, and also a great opportunity to explore the world and getting paid for it.
  • if journalism is your passion , and you consider yourself high-skilled and proficient in news collecting , then invest your skill and visit Joblang to find a good job opportunity and apply online. 

Professional jobs which allow you to travel the world are plenty. There are other options which can make you travel around cities and explore different cultures other than the common jobs which include traveling like pilots, flight attendants or travel nannies and many other jobs. Jobs which include traveling around are suitable for people who are passionate about moving from one site to another and like to explore a variety of different cultures, historical sites and meet new people as well.  Working in such fields, can actually boost up your resume for future solid careers, because being a constant traveler means international experiences and wider professional network with variety of nationalities and cultures. Getting paid for traveling the world seems exciting right? Pack your skills and jump in the world of traveling business.