The TVS Jupiter is an excellent scooter for your everyday commute. It’s quick acceleration, mid-range design, and sturdy body allows you to quickly zip around traffic on your way to the office or when running errands.

The Jupiter comes loaded with premium features to offer comfort, convenience, and functionality. More importantly, this aesthetically pleasing two-wheeler gives real value-for-money. It is available at an affordable price with spares and modifications readily available.

The TVS Jupiter comes in a variety of colors. If you are looking to buy one but can’t quite figure out which color to go for, then here are the new colors of TVS Jupiter and what they say about you:


Black is perhaps the most popular color across all automobiles. Black symbolizes power, sophistication, and luxury and it mainly looks good on the TVS Jupiter commuter bikes. If you are looking for a bike that gets noticed but doesn’t stand out in a crowd, then black is the perfect choice for you.


White may not be a standard color for motorcycles, but it is increasingly getting popular among bikers. The white colored Jupiter symbolizes purity and class. It has a formal look that’s perfect for corporate use, then again, if you like fairytales and drama, a white TVS Jupiter can give you the feeling of a hero riding his white horse.


Red is sexy! It exudes strength and passion. In automobiles, red can be spotted in luxury cars like Ferrari and bikes like Ducati. Red is undoubtedly perfect for bikers looking to ride in style and with speed.


Green is often associated with nature’s peace and tranquility, but on a motorcycle, green is mean and bold. A green TVS Jupiter is a neck-breaker. If you want to turn heads as you drive past other motorists, the green is your color.


Blue is a man’s color. In color psychology, people who like blue stick to their way of doing things even if there’s a better alternative. Past the science, blue is associated with sincerity, loyalty, and faithfulness. It conveys a sense of security and calmness. If you are known to be stringent but very “soft” on the inside, then as a bluebird you should choose a TVS Jupiter in this color.


A biker on a yellow TVS Jupiter comes across as a warm and cheerful person. The personality traits are drawn from the Yellow color include: A person who is good at networking, accomplishes goals, likes to solve problems but can be snobby, arrogant and pretentious. That said, yellow is also an excellent color for visibility while on the road.


High-visibility, vibrant and attention seeking are just some of the vibes invoked by the color orange. An Orange Jupiter shows that you are extroverted, adventurous and sometimes a flamboyant risk-taker.

Aside from these colors, the TVS Jupiter also comes in grey, brown, purple and gold. So, which color do you most prefer on your bike? From the descriptions discussed above, it should be easy for you to find the bike color that fits your personality and style.