It has been believed that window replacement is the key to minimizing energy consumption and saving a significant amount of money. With no historic considerations or factoring in cost, homeowners have no better option but to add new units.

One report states that retrofit strategies are important to ensure high energy performance as they are also capable to save window replacement cost. So, what homeowners have to understand is that there are three worth considering retrofit techniques (fixing) that can be effective to help reducing the replacement cost.

The best part of retrofitting windows is significant saving on money while no compromise on productivity and efficiency. Three tactics- interior thermal blinds, exterior storm windows and interior storm windows- can help homeowners to avoid paying huge cost for installation and clearing the mess.

  1. Exterior Storm Windows

Apart from focusing on installing new exterior storm windows for saving energy and window replacement cost, window companies also emphasize on fixing windows that do not need replacement. Though, what most of the homeowners do wrong is purchasing poor-quality components. If storm windows are not installed properly, homeowners can rely upon fixing them. The only considerable thing is to hire someone who possesses the right skills and expertise.

Experts suggest to choose highest quality storm windows that contain low-e coatings with single-clear operable sashes and aluminum triple-track frame. Although better quality windows are available, they got an edge in terms of window replacement cost.

  1. Interior Window Panels

Ever thought how interior window panels can prevent from storms? Although the name may not go with their nature of work clearly, interior storm windows still hold a lot of significance. Parallel installation with existing windows helps homeowners to improve air and thermal leakage.

Although interior storm windows can be permanently installed on fixed units, there are still those units that can swing away or sliding like casement or slider windows.

  1. Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds usually have lightweight fabric that easily opens and closes like an accordion fashion.

When extended, the blinds form a honeycomb structure that works as a thermal shield between warm interior and cold windows. Some blinds are installed at the top of the frame, just as mini-blinds and work with weather-stripped edge tracks to maintain internal temperature.

What if window replacement can be done?

What to do to work on foggy glass, dated sashes, cracked window glass, air infiltration and other window problems? There is no need to spend extra money on window replacement. Homeowners do not always have to install high quality components. All they have to do is to choose technologically advanced windows that can keep the cost of replacement windows in control.

Basically, there are two reasons to do this:

  1. Cost: Living in a small home and few windows, homeowners can expect to pay at least $10,000 as window replacement cost. Though, keep in mind that these windows do not significantly save on energy savings; rather, they let everyone enjoy benefits for over 30 years.
  2. Preserving windows: It is necessary to do something better for windows, especially when they are installed in older homes.