First time buyers of pre-owned luxury cars are filled with uncertainties but doing it well is worthy. Pre-owned luxury vehicles cause a fortune, so it is crucial to consider the aspects given below seriously. Savvy car buyers are familiar with what they buy, how they pay, and expected ongoing costs like insurance and maintenance.

If you desire to buy a pre-owned Mercedes Benz then here are some tips to consider before buying.


Before you contact the local Mercedes-Benz dealer, be prepared. Study about the variety of models and relevant years, so as to gain a good understanding of what you are being shown. If you wish for a specific model then visit the internet and gain knowledge about its performance, issues, and reviews.

Search the Mercedes dealership inventory. Refine your search options selecting specific models, years, colors, fuel types, prices or location. If you find an appropriate one then schedule a test drive.


Compare prices, payment estimates, calculate current vehicle’s trade value and check insurance options on relevant websites. You will need to decide, if you wish to apply for car loan or make cash payment. Dealer will offer special discounts during festive seasons, just check them out.

Know the jargons

Some dealers carry labels like certified pre-owned, pre-owned or used, so pay attention. Only licensed Mercedes-Benz dealers sell certified Pre-owned cars. Dealers hand select these. Independent car dealers offer pre-owned or used cars, which may not endure similar rigorous inspection.

Therefore it is wise to have the vehicle inspected by your mechanic. In addition, there will be no warranties offered and even no road-side assistance, which accompanies certified pre-owned Benz.

Standards of certified pre-owned Mercedes Benz

  • Less than six years old with less than 75,000 miles
  • Include vehicle history report
  • Undergo severe multipoint inspection
  • 500-mile or 7-day Exchange privilege
  • One year warranty
  • 24/7 roadside assistance


Owning a pre-owned luxury Benz does not means just monthly premiums but consider fuel, insurance, oil changes, tires, and other issues down the road. Used car depreciates much slowly than brand new ones but the ongoing costs like fuel type, gas mileage, and tire replacements need to be considered.

Enjoy the process

Feel thrilled, when checking out the plethora of luxury pre-owned Mercedes options. With low interest rates on car loans and hundreds of Cars to pick from, your alternatives were never so better and owning a Mercedes Benz is rewarding. offer free advice on all matters relating to used cars UK wide.