Long locks are not the most flattering and chicer look for all women. Sincerely speaking, that is just an outdated myth. It is unfortunate many women believe in this myth. That aside. The modern short hairstyles 2019 could be your ticket to achieving the young and fresher look you have yearned for. You can learn more here concerning the best short haircuts in 2019.

In this piece, we have collected the best short hairstyles 2019 with a unique and sophisticated look. These hairstyles are not just like any other hairstyle out there. In fact, ladies who sport these haircuts will be termed as fashion legends.

  1. One-Length Lob.

Who knew this hairstyle would make such a big comeback? Well, it has come back and this time to stay. It doesn’t incorporate, and it is surprisingly versatile and straightforward. This layer-free haircut is suitable for women with thin hair. So if you are in this category, this could be the best hairstyle to rock your looks 2019.

  1. Rounded Bob.

This style is the talk of the town right now, all for the right reasons. The sleek edges that are curled inwards so seamlessly make this haircut look chic and sophisticated, yet not extra fluffy. You can further make it a bit tousled or just choose a super sleek look.

  1. Smooth Crop.

This is among the short hairstyles 2019 which are very common. From slicked back style to smooth crops as this haircut, there is a variety for you to choose. You can decide to use styling products to achieve the right shine and smoothness, or just choose to comb your hair to the side, tuck it behind your ear, and spray it with a tad.

  1. Chin-Glazing Bob.

There were some days when this style was so popular but then disappeared. However, the style has come back and this time rejuvenated in style. It incorporates extended bobs. So if you intend to transform your looks with a relaxed but stylish short hairstyle 2019, this is the ideal haircut for you.

  1. Boyish Pixie.

Among the most elegant short hairstyles 2019, this boyish haircut has won many women’s heart. We are all loving this haircut. The fact that you can tousle it with texture if you need curly or wavy look makes it the right choice if you want a refined and sleek look. It is suitable for women with straight hair. Side-swept bangs appear elegant with this haircut.

  1. Blunt Textured Bob.

This short haircut looks great on women with thick hair. It will surely do magic for you! In this style, a wavy touch and a deep side part look exciting. However, we like straight blunt lobs as much especially when parted. The preferred thing about this style is that you can choose how you want to part the hair.