Oilfield extraction is a very strenuous and complex process, involved with the use of different variety of tools and equipment along with skilled manpower. It starts with the drilling process- the most complicated beginning which involves with a series of processes starting from softening the soils and then balancing the mud while inserting the drilling pipe for extracting the oil. After that, the oil has to be stored in the oil tankers that again demands extreme skill and patience. The workers have to work in extreme heat and dirt for which the companies arrange air conditioned cooling trailers where they can sit and rest for some time until and unless they start feeling good.

If you’re interested in starting an oil extraction business- some prior expertise and experience is a must. To start with, explore some of the most significant oilfield extraction equipment listed below—

Mud cleaners

The mud separated from the cuttings is mainly used during the drilling process for keeping the drill cool. But the workers have to make sure they only allow the clear mud to enter the hole and there shouldn’t be chunks remain. This can jeopardize the whole drilling process. That’s why, the mud cleaners are used for preventing the solids to enter the holes. The devices are kept for future uses too as sometimes the barite is also required for thicker drilling projects.


Different types of spools are used for pumping out the oil from the grounds. The adapter spools are mainly used for controlling pressure. The drilling spool allows the mud to circulate during the drilling process. The spacer spool, on the other hand, allows sufficient clearance because of the rig substructure.

Shale shakers

Probably the most important equipment required during the drilling. It separates the solids from the mud. After separating the mid from the solids, it’s essential to cool down the drill. Separating the solids from the liquid mud is essential before the drilling which an environment friendly act as well as pocket-friendly too.

Sand Pumps

A wide array of pumps is used during the oilfield extraction process. Sand pump is one such pump that is mainly used for keeping the oilfield clean. It is mainly used for removing the sands from the oil tanks or other fluid tanks for saving time and labor.

Among other significant equipment we must mention about the stabbing guides, degassers etc.