Travelling is something that teaches the best about life and human existence. The amount of learning and experience someone gets due to extensive travelling is a lot more than a mere bookish knowledge. And when you visit an adventurous place like Exuma, you fill your life with awesome memories. Book vacation rentals in the Exumas and have an exciting vacation. And now, talking about travelling and realizing its worth, here’s a detailed description of a spectacular place named Exuma, which is no less than heaven and will surely leave a mark in your heart.

Exuma is a district in the Bahamas that consists of almost 360 islands. This is 37meter in length which is also known as Great Exuma, is the biggest of the reefs and attached by a small bridge with the Little Exuma, another island. Tourists mostly prefer this place to get rid of the brutally cold weather of North America. And as famous for the pleasant and suitable weather, Exuma has always been the first preference of the travellers. There are also many attractions left such as its embryonic beauty, sea park and cays land, and the exciting atmosphere of the sea that compels one to visit the place again and again. Here are the best reasons to visit Exuma Cay.

  • Mile-Long Sandbar

This is the most beautiful and breathtaking place in Exuma. The land is literally one mile long and that is how it has got its name. The most interesting thing about this place is the water is just only a knee-length deep. So if you are fond of seashells, starfish, sting rays, and also up for a sunbath and a small picnic with your family, undoubtedly this is going to be the best place.

  • Norman’s Cay

This is a small Bahamian isle in the Exuma, another place to visit with your beloved ones. The sea water here is very clear and apt for a great fun.

  • Swimming Pigs

This is a great experience that you should not be missed when in Exuma. There is a small story regarding this. Years ago some of the locals got worried about their online systems if in case that breaks down, they would have surely had some issues with the food supply. So some people send pigs over the islands and breed them. As time grows, the pigs now become friendly with the locals and as being taken care of, they are okay with the engines sounds of the boat and sometimes to surprise the locals, they eventually started swimming on the sea.

  • Clear Water

Another reason to be in Exumas. The unbelievable blue crystal cleared water that nearly gives you a major confusion whether it’s the original seawater or bottled water. Almost with the 360 of islands that made the Bahamas up and every one of them is encompassed by exotic turquoise-clear blue waters.

  • Hermitage Estate for History Lesson

This is a great historical place in Exuma with a hundred years of history behind it. It gives a quick sneak peak of the colonial era when cotton was the necessary product. This is the oldest building in Exuma. The building of the estate itself is very fascinating and also it has a thought of an unindicted grave which belonged to a slave at that time. Indeed an excellent place to visit.

  • Snorkelling

Undoubtedly an amazing place for snorkelling and also the main attraction for the travellers. Tourists get amazed by the beauty of the underwater. There are plenty of stingrays, turtles, sea slugs, fishes and a lot more animals. The coral reefs are so vibrant and colourful that attracts every human being. So if you are a keen lover of snorkelling, there is no ideal option than this.

  • Dive on Stocking Island

The island itself is a narrow and small island but a long island and absolutely worth going for. It is almost 400 feet long and repeatedly drops from 15 feet under the surface to 100 feet down. This is also an ideal place for snorkelling.

  • Swing upon the Sea

What else you need when you can ‘Swing’ upon the sea? Exactly, so. At Cocoa Plum Beach in Exuma, the swings are heavenly beautiful. A remarkable experience that gives every tourist’s Goosebumps! Have you ever thought of this amazing experience can be even happened? Don’t wait much. To experience the biggest beautiful experience, Exuma is the accurate place.

  • Exumas Cays Land and Sea Park

Amidst every renowned cay, Exumas Cays Land and Sea Park are the first of its kind in the entire world. There are innumerable specimens of unique species such as corals, tropical fishes, crustaceans. Some of the specimens of the park are almost 2000 years old. So if you want to be a witness of these magnificent collections, do visit here.

  • Amazing Wildlife

Apart from snorkelling and swimming pigs, there are a lot more animals that will make you speechless with their beauty. Most importantly at Compass Cay, there are sharks everywhere. Although it sounds horrific to swim with the sharks they are quite innocuous by their nature. They mostly prefer squids, fishes, and shrimps as their foods. This is going to be another unimaginable experience to swim with the sharks.

Hopefully, these are amazing reasons to visit Exumas. What are you waiting for? Book flight tickets and spend few days in complete bliss.