Regardless of the size and nature of an event, it is important to serve your guests right, and most people are interested in two important things – entertainment and food. If you are organizing a small event, selecting a good caterer is important. There are many options, and for you help, we have listed the best tips below.

Full-service vs. delivery

When it comes to catering at events, you have two obvious choices – full-service and delivery. Full-service catering covers almost everything you need for serving your guests. You will have buffet style arrangements, servers for help, and the entire setup. The caterer will even clean up after the event, so the venue is maintained as per requirements. Delivery services, on the other hand, get readymade food delivered at the venue, with required disposable ware, reheating instructions and other essentials. In case of full-service caterers, you can ask for side dishes, passed appetizers, bar services and special dessert stations. Delivery services will offer the same things, but usually, everything must be managed at your end.

If you go by requirements, delivery services are better for smaller events, because you just pay for the food and not any services. Even if you choose to get a server additionally to help the guests, the costs are much lesser.

Things to check and note

First things first, find the right caterer based on the kind of food menu you want. For example, if you want to serve smoked meats, fresh barbequed ribs and similar items, you need to get a BBQ delivery caterer on board. Secondly, every caterer has a few norms. For example, some of the delivery services may not accept orders at the last minute, while others require bookings before a certain time. Also, it is important to check is what is included. Typically, delivery food comes with serving ware, disposable plates and some of the basic things like napkins, knives, and spoons, but every company is different. If you are ordering food for a house event, you can forgo such inclusions to reduce cost and waste at the same time. Also, check if the company can delivery desserts and beverages, and if you have special items on your mind, ask them about the arrangements, if they can consider that is.

With a good catering company, you will have the right food at the right time, and that’s the start to a great small event.