The vehicles destined to load the materials have rear or front insertion systems. In the case of the front ones, there will also be arms suitable for lifting the load.

Vei has perfected front weighing systems with state-of-the-art equipment that are also easy to use and install.

How the front weighing system works

First of all, three components are needed:

  • on-board weighing system;
  • the non-contacting sensor, which must be installed in the weighing zone;
  • the load sensor, one must be placed on each arm.

Weighing on board also means avoiding the overloading of the vehicle, eliminating the time taken to do the shuttle from the loading point to the one for weighing, accelerating the working pace with a consequent increase in productivity.

The devices for on-board weighing are displays that provide different information, print them in temporary and transmit them to the archive via USB or Wireless. Depending on the model chosen, basic or advanced, you can access related news:

  • To the load;
  • to control production;
  • management of the customer list, which is small in the basic version and large in the advanced version;
  • management of the list of products;
  • to the load for identification of the plate;
  • to destination lists;
  • to the recipe program for mixtures of materials.

The integrated printer allows to have on paper the information on the load of the vehicle, on the history of its load, on the production on a certain date and details of the load.

This device can be connected to the software to receive information on vehicle movements directly on tablets or Smartphones. Having the sales data in a short time is important to estimate future ones or to have the monthly inventories available without having to wait for the loading printouts from the site.

To automate even access control, simply install Vkiosk. It is a system that prints transport documents at the exit of the site and at the same time allows a positive response to the regulations relating to safety at work because the Transport Document can be delivered to the driver of the vehicle without having to access the site .

Vkiosk is not limited to a simple print. Authorize or not access to the site by recognizing the number plate on arrival and send the load data (carrier, weight and product) via Wireless, making everything quick and easy.