Within the condition of Texas, common law marriage is recognized when two individuals live together and agree that they’re “married”, make reference to one another as “spouse”, and perform actions which are typical for married people (for example filing some pot taxes). Under these conditions within this condition, you may be legally qualified for this kind of marriage determination. However, you should realize that although the condition of Texas identifies common law marriages, there’s no similar process for common law divorces. This specific endeavor features its own algorithm along with a couple can’t be simply divorce by stating it openly or living apart.

If you opt to dissolve your marriage, you still have to divide your assets making determination regarding supporting your children and child child custody. As this process can frequently be very complicated and time-consuming, you might want to consider employing an attorney that will help you so as to, because it will have to be completed in a legally-recognizable manner. Meet with a lawyer right now to answer any queries you might have in regards to this procedure.

The next provisions might be stated about common law divorce:

Either spouse within the marriage has 24 months once you separate to file for an action to demonstrate that the marriage did indeed exist.

You’ll want separated after September 1, 1989.

You’re still accountable for assets, debt, and also the proper care of your kids.

To be able to make certain that the spouse is legally accountable for what’s owed for you, the divorce is preferred, as opposed to a separation or annulment.