Wood is one of the essential components of living. From flooring to ceiling, wood can be used everywhere. It is not easy to preserve wood. Wood has a propensity to rot and get infested with insects. Those who are into the lumber thus, have to find ways to store wood for a long term. There are many treatments that help in preserving wood. One of the most common treatments makes pressure treated lumber. Now you must be wondering what this pressure lumber treatment is. Why is it needed? How is it done?

Method of pressure lumber treatment

Pressure treatment is done to prevent the wood from rotting due to fungal growth, termites and other kinds of microorganism attack. Special chemicals are used to treat the wood. The piece of lumber is placed in a special kind of tank in a depressurized environment where it is ensured that the air gets removed and the sealant gets applied evenly so that there is no air particle left.

There are some specific chemicals used for this treatment. One such chemical is chromated copper arsenic (CCA). However, soon the hazardous nature of this chemical was recognized and other chemicals such as Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ), Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) and Copper Azole (CA). During the treatment, these preservatives enter deep into the wood. Along with the chemicals, a lot of water is used in this treatment. Hence it takes long for the wood to dry.

Benefits and advantages

Now, pressure treated lumber has some very good benefits that make them ideal for outdoor use. Whether it is your garden fence or the bench on the roadside, pressure treated lumber is the best for such purposes. Some of the benefits are:

Strength: these treated woods are far stronger than normal wood that is unprocessed. If used for doors and gates, they provide a very sturdy structure, better than untreated wood.

Longevity: as preservatives are added these pressure treated woods are very long lasting and can be used for long term. Also, as they are resistant to fungal infection, this increases the lifespan of such wood.

Eco-friendly: you must be wondering that how is it possible that something that uses chemical preservatives is actually good for the environment. Well, if you preserve the wood for long-term, new wood will not be required and hence trees won’t be cut down.

Lost cost maintenance: as pressure treated wood is resistant to pests and other fungal growth, hence it is easier to preserve and does not entail too much maintenance cost.