Are you new to the world of online poker game? Are you confused when it comes to understanding different poker terms that you hear or see?

Well, online poker is a fun game. There is an ample of players across the world that makes money out of playing it.

If you too are one of them, you too need to learn about various terms shown on situs poker online terpopuler. Well, read on to know and understand them altogether!

Most common Poker Terms

  • Aggressive – The extent at which the player is dictating action with raises and bets is usually termed as being aggressive. It is sometimes used for the one having higher level of aggression.
  • Angle – A move or action of questionable morality which is used for taking benefit of another player or even situation. The player that makes use of angling at table is called as an “angle shooter”.
  • Behind – The players that requires catching cards for winning the game is termed as being “behind”.
  • Betting structure – The set of rules controlling players’ options for betting and rising. Some of the most common structures of betting include fixed limit, No-limit, spread limit, and pot-limit.
  • Brick and mortar – It is a term that is used for describing casino or physical poker room.

  • Bubble – When a tournament requires just one more player for busting before remaining players can make it into money, then that tournament is called to be on bubble. The player that busts on bubble is termed to have “bubbled” tourney.
  • Chip – When the two players have same hand, they chop, or split the pot.
  • Cut card – It is an opaque plastic card that is put on bottom of deck during cut for preventing players from viewing bottom card.
  • Dead money – The money which is part of pot, but isn’t part of the bet of anyone.
  • Deal twice – Some of the cash games allows all players for dealing with board twice with each of the board being worth half pot.

  • Drop – To discard or fold.
  • First position – The player to left of big blind which is first to act as pre-flop. It is even termed as “Under the Gun”.
  • Forced move – In a game having feeder table and main game, the players from feeder tabled are needed to move to main game when requested by floor staff.

So now you are no longer confused by any poker term, right? What are you waiting for? Hit the best site and start playing then!